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The Tandem Team is a leading provider of anonymous corporate reporting solutions such as a whistleblower system, employee surveys and online suggestions box specifically designed for the manufacturing industry. 

Get in touch with us to partner with a company that has your specific corporate expectations in mind. 

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Implementing a whistleblower policy within your organization is not only highly recommended  but can also be required by certain standards.

A good whistleblower system is one of the most effective ways in preventing possible misconduct and improving the performance of organizations. Which in return can lead to higher employee satisfaction levels, higher employee engagement levels, improved employee job performance, lower employee turnover and more

Anonymous whistleblower reporting options


Our representatives are available 24/7 to assist through our hotline. 


Email reporting can be an easy to for employees to share anonymous issues. 


Our online form is available 24/7 and available in both English and French. 


As an alternative, we accept mailed whistleblower issue submissions. 

What makes us a trusted provider


Our whistleblower system is designed to be 100% anonymous. 


Our in house call centre is available 24/7 to answer calls to our hotline. 


All whistleblower reporting options (hotline, online form, email and mail) are secure. 


The Tandem Team is trusted by many non profit, public and government agencies

Step 1

Getting started 

Getting starting with our whistleblower service is easy. We will provide you our "get started" forms upon signing up. At which point we will be able to ship our whistleblower package. 

Step 2

Displaying the whistleblower package

When our whistleblower package is received, it can be used to be placed anywhere within your organization where you feel will be most convenient for your employees.

Step 3

Receiving a whistleblower issue

Our service is available for your employees 24/7 to collect anonymous whistleblower issues. As soon as we receive a submission we will transfer that information directly to the individuals from your organization who are responsible for receiving our reports. 

Our whistleblower info cards
Some of our loyal clients